About Dear Readers

Encouraging and Motivating Our Community One Inspirational Story and One Empowering Discussion at a Time.

Dear Readers is focused on helping like-minded individuals connect over empowering books, shared stories and experiences, being a networking opportunity to help build brands and businesses and to also be a tool and a safe space to help people get closer to finding and pursuing their God-given purpose.

Dear Readers is here to be of service to solely uplift and inspire our community through not only inspirational blog posts and books but by featuring amazing individuals and their empowering stories/journeys via our online platform as well as at our events that we hold in Houston, TX. This platform provides an inside look on what it means to have an inspirational lifestyle where you are continuously using your voice, words, actions, interactions with others and the way you choose to live your life as an inspiration not only to others but to yourself as well.

Meet The Founder

Morgan Sheppard

Morgan Sheppard is the founder of Dear Readers. Morgan created Dear Readers in 2018 to be able to be around like-minded individuals who had a passion for inspirational books that would lead them to be who God created them to be as well as do what God has created them to do. She hosted several intimate events, whether it was in the form of a brunch or a happy hour, in 2018 and more in 2019 that eventually led her to want to use the Dear Readers platform to continue to empower success-minded individuals to be their best and do their best.

The stories and testimonies from the attendees at each event was making Dear Readers become a safe space for people to not only connect with each other over books but to be able to be vulnerable and open-hearted enough to share their own stories but to also be able to receive information and empowerment from each other. Networking and making impacting connections was eventually added as one of the purposes for the Dear Readers platform. Realizing that Dear Readers is definitely apart of her purpose, Morgan is making every effort to continue to use Dear Readers to encourage, inspire and motivate a community of success-minded individuals one story and one discussion at a time.