an attitude of gratitude

an attitude of gratitude

During these times, there’s so much going on that unfortunately hasn’t been that great and have affected quite a few of us in a negative way, hence COVID-19, Racial Injustices, Unemployment, etc., but even while we are in the midst of so much chaos it is super important to find ways to be grateful and to practice having an attitude of gratitude.

When finding ways and things to be grateful for, it starts to take away a heaviness that can burden you through hard times. You are beginning to use your energy towards being grateful for even the small blessings God has granted you instead of using your energy to ponder on what’s going wrong or what could go wrong. Your practice of gratitude then leads you to want to have more of a positive outlook on your situation because you begin to realize that if God blessed you with one thing whether it’s small or something big that he’s done for you before, you begin to thank him for the many blessings that you know he will do for you and bless you with again. It’s almost like a domino-effect. I have included a list below that will help us to consistently practice having an attitude of gratitude.

Eight ways to practice daily gratitude:

  1. Don’t Be Picky: Appreciate Everything
    • A Blessing is a Blessing – Big or Small
  2. Find Gratitude in Your Challenges
    • Focus on the Positive instead of the Negative
  3. Practice Mindfulness
    • Be Conscious of Your Thoughts and Visualize Things to be Grateful for Daily
  4. Keep A Gratitude Journal
    • Consistently Write Down Things You are Grateful for
  5. Volunteer
    • Use your time to be of Service to Others
  6. Express Yourself
    • Express your gratitude towards people you love and care for through actions and kind words to let them know what they mean to you
  7. Spend Time with Others
    • Find ways to spend time with family and friends
  8. Improve Your Happiness in Other Areas of Your Life
    • Spend more time finding and participating in things that truly make you happy.

List Courtesy of Forbes

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