Dear readers book highlight: big magic – creative living beyond fear

Dear readers book highlight: big magic – creative living beyond fear

I couldn’t have read this book at a better time. I mean everything that this book discussed was speaking directly to me and it definitely motivated me to keep going, especially with this new blog. The very first blog post for Dear Readers #MiddleoftheWeekInspiration series focused on living a brave life. I have been all about feeding myself anything that will inspire me to be brave, bold and fearless. THIS BOOK DID JUST THAT!

Elizabeth Gilbert is the author of a book titled, “Eat, Pray, Love”, which just happens to be one of my favorite movies. When I saw that she wrote a book about not only being creative but being fearless while doing so, I had to read it. CREATIVE and FEARLESS, two words that continuously tap me on my shoulder each day whether I am in the mood to receive them or not. In Big Magic, Elizabeth touches on being Courageous, Giving Yourself Permission, Persistence, Trust, as well as a few other ingredients that are needed while pursuing your passion and utilizing your God-given gifts and talents.

Here is my take on what I received from “Big Magic – Creative Living Beyond Fear”:

COURGAGE is needed in order to move forward with your creativity, no matter who may agree with it or not. If you stop something that you have created because of other’s opinions or because someone didn’t react to your creativity the way you wanted them to, you will be missing out on the people who will like your art and who will get your creativity and appreciate your gifts and talents. Be courageous enough to stick with what’s in your heart and to create from a genuine and authentic place.

PERMISSION needs to be given to yourself by YOU! You do not need permission from anyone to do what God has called you to do and be who he has created you to be. If you wait for someone else to give you permission to tap into your creativity and to pursue your passion, you will then live your life based on what others think of you and what they believe you should be doing with YOUR OWN LIFE! Is that a way to live?! NOT AT ALL!!!!!!! Give yourself permission to be the best you that you can be while doing your absolute best in whatever you choose to create and pursue.

PERSISTENCE is needed when you want to give up and I don’t mean give up because of others but give up when you don’t feel fearless and when you don’t feel like being creative. Persistence is needed when you are being extremely hard on yourself because you feel that your work is not “Perfect” enough and you just want to stop creating altogether. I love how Elizabeth Gilbert breaks down how the notion of being “Perfect” can stop you from completing your work and worst of all, it will stop you from even starting the work towards reaching your dreams and goals. So being persistent is a must and being a perfectionist is not needed at all! Just create!

TRUST in yourself, God, the gifts and talents that he has placed with you and the path that he has laid out just for you while walking in your purpose. When trusting in your authenticity, you’re able to trust in your creativity.

As I mentioned earlier, Elizabeth Gilbert talks about a lot more when it comes to tapping into and using your creativity while being fearless and it so necessary to read this book. This book actually made me realize a few other endeavors that I would like to tap into! I hope it inspires you to keep believing in the magic that is within your creativity and to be and live as loud as possible while being absolutely fearless! Click Here to Grab a Copy of  the Dear Readers Book Highlight for July, “Big Magic – Creative Living Beyond Fear”. Enjoy!

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