dear readers book highlight: The seven spiritual laws of success

dear readers book highlight: The seven spiritual laws of success

We are going from The FOUR Agreements to The SEVEN Spiritual Laws of Success!

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success was written by Deepak Chopra. Deepak Chopra gives us the tools and practices that we can use to in order to make sure that we are living our lives in a way that will help us in attracting success and the best out of life.

The Seven Spirituals Laws of Success are:

1.) The Law of Pure Potentiality

2.) The Law of Giving

3.) The Law of “Karma” or Cause and Effect

4.) The Law of Least Effort

5.) The Law of Intention and Desire

6.) The Law of Detachment

7.) The Law of “Dharma” or Purpose in Life


The Takeaway from The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

It is important to make sure that you are paying attention to who God has called you to be. When you are practicing being true to yourself and working on becoming the best version of yourself, that is when you can be more aligned and in tuned to your spirit and what God is calling you to do. That is when you can tap into your own creativity and uniqueness because you are not allowing the noise of the outside world to influence you. Instead, you are now using your time to sit in silence and to hear from God, you are connecting more with nature in whatever way you are able to (taking daily walks, playing your favorite sports outdoors instead of indoors, sitting by a lake in silence to take in fresh air, etc.) and you are choosing to practice having a non-judgmental mentality towards others and yourself.

While working towards being the best version of yourself, it will require you to give, give, give! There is a saying, “What Goes Up, Must Come Down” and it is very true indeed. If you’ve noticed from past experiences, the more you gave, the more you received from God. God is an excellent God so he is always in the business of blessing us but it is so important to know that while you are here on Earth, an important thought that you should continuously keep with you daily is, How Can I Help or What Can I Give? Giving is something that should start to become natural to you and that should always be done from the heart and with good intentions. Giving is not about what you can do for others financially, but giving can be about a kind word that you give, things you can do and assist someone with, etc. We should never give because we want to receive something back but please know that when God sees you giving with pure intentions, he will always make sure you have more than enough and even to the point where your cup may runneth over and even then, GIVE, GIVE, GIVE!!!

When you are doing things with pure intentions, you will feel good about it within your heart. When you are doing something that you know isn’t right, their can be a cause and effect that will let you know that the actions, words or thoughts that you are choosing to do or say is not the best choice for yourself and especially for others. Before making a choice, it is important to ask yourself if this choice will bring fulfillment and happiness to me and those around me. Also, seek within your heart if your choices are bringing a sense of comfort or discomfort. This guidance will allow you to make better decisions for yourself and for those around you.

Also, when it comes to your thoughts and words, it is important to manifest the life and desires that you want in order to be successful in acquiring your goals and dreams. Be sure to manifest the best for yourself and to speak words of affirmation over your life. Also, keep in mind that your job is to manifest and work towards accomplishing your goals and dreams but the way things may turn out along your journey may not always go the way that you pictured it would go. So, yes work hard towards your vision of the life you want but don’t get so attached to the outcome or to the path it will take to get you there because God may surprise you with an alternate route to accomplishing your dreams and goals that will produce an even better outcome and an even larger dream than you could have ever imagined!

Last but not least, while you are manifesting the vision that you would like for your life, be sure to pay attention to the talents and skills that God has placed within you. Pay attention to what gets you excited, that gets your creative juices flowing, that makes your heartbeat whenever you think about it and also at times what comes naturally easy to you. These are the unique gifts and talents that God has blessed you with in order to be of service to others  and so that you can work on and work with this passion of yours while walking on your path of fulfilling your purpose.

This book was absolutely eye-opening and very enlightening on so many different levels. Everyone should read this book at least a few times throughout their life to make sure they are paying attention to what is needed from within themselves as well as what they need to do regarding others when it comes to working towards having a successful and fulfilling life. Click here to grab your copy of this book now! Happy Reading!

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