dear readers book highlight: year of yes

dear readers book highlight: year of yes

Shonda’s sister told her that she never says yes to anything which really caught Ms. Rhimes attention. Has there ever been a time when someone told you something that hit you so hard to the point where you couldn’t help but ponder on it long enough to where it made you realize the truth behind their comment?! That’s what happened to Shonda Rhimes.

I also realized that her sister was talking to me again as well. I read this book at the end of 2017 in preparation for how I wanted to take on 2018 and it made me realize that I needed to be more opened to saying YES! However when I read it again at the end of 2020, I realized that I not only wanted to say YES to myself but to LIFE and to everything God has in store for me. It all starts with the very decision of just saying YES!!!!!!!!

When Shonda started saying YES she started to learn and realize a few things about herself, her circle, her family and so much more….all because of one simple word. Here are a few things that Ms. Rhimes learned and I made sure to tuck her lessons away mentally because it pays off to learn from other’s lessons and mistakes so that you can intentionally handle situations in life a lot better and make things easier on yourself so that you won’t have to go through the same things.

Gems from Shonda Rhimes Year of Yes:

  • Say Yes To: Saying No and Having Boundaries
    • When you are so used to saying Yes to others even when you know deep down inside that it should have a been a definite NO, you begin betraying yourself for the happiness of others. This then leads to resentment, anger and bitterness that will begin to build up on the inside of you. You will eventually have to make the decision to make yourself happy or continuously trade in your happiness for the sake of others. You need to know that you have a right to be happy and deserve to be happy just as much as anyone else. So put up those boundaries and say no to betraying yourself and say yes to happiness!
  • Say Yes To: The Right People
    • You will know that you have the right people in your circle when you find that you are able to be exactly who you are around these people at all times. They will never make you feel bad for having your own opinion about something or having to do what is best for you because they will always want the best for you. When you are only able to act a certain way and dim your light around certain people, that will be one of the first signs that those people are really not YOUR people. They only want to be around you when you put them first and make them feel superior to you. This can happen without you knowing it at times but once you realize it, please remove yourself ASAP. Yes it may be hard at first but over time, you will reap the benefits of only surrounding yourself with the people who are truly meant to be in your life.
  • Say Yes To: Creating A Life That YOU Enjoy
    • There are so many times that you may find yourself trying to create a life that lives up to the standards of what other people think your life should consist of. That can be having kids at a certain age, being married at a certain age, or even climbing the corporate ladder when in reality you know that you want to be an entrepreneur. You do all of this because this is what your family, friend or even society told you that you should be doing in order to have a good, successful and fulfilling life. STOP IT!!!!!! From this day forward please block out whatever life you’ve been creating for the approval from others and start creating a life that you truly enjoy. You only have one life to live! Take time out to seek what you truly want to do and go out and do it. JUST LIKE THAT! Yep…just do it!!!!! Choose every day to go out and live a life that is truly fulfilling to YOU!
  • Say Yes To: Yourself
    • Are you happy with the person that you are at this very moment? If so, YES to that!! If not, it is time to start thinking about what it will take for you to tap into who you were created to be. Are you doing what make you happy? Do you know what it will take to get you to your happiness? You first have to give yourself grace and know that is okay that you are where you are right now in order to be able to move forward in a positive direction. Don’t beat yourself up. Instead get excited everyday about the path that you are choosing to go down on this new journey of discovering your truest self. In order to get to who you truly are, it will take boldness, confidence and the ability to say YES to YOURSELF every single day!

This book is golden and I am so glad that Shonda Rhimes took the time to write this masterpiece and took the time to say YES to herself. Saying Yes to her life has encouraged and empowered so many other women to say yes to themselves as well. So let’s keep it going! Let’s SAY YES to ourselves so that we can keep encouraging others to SAY YES too!!!!!!

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