hustler with a purpose – lashonda pierce

hustler with a purpose – lashonda pierce

LaShonda Pierce is a woman that wears many hats and that isn’t afraid to pivot into whatever direction God is asking her to go into. Entrepreneurship is at the heart of who LaShonda is and even though she believes in hard work, she is a believer in self-care that can come in many different forms in order to keep moving forward in her purpose. She is also an author and an advocate for inspiring and motivating women and the youth. Check out more of LaShonda’s story below.

Interior Designer, Floral Designer, Author of “Positive, Passionate, Purposeful” and  Founder of I.C.O.N. Women’s Organization are only some of the titles that you have  gained due to following your passion and purpose. When did you realize that you  wanted to be an entrepreneur and wear multiple hats the way that you have (and so  gracefully I might add)?  

Thank you so much; I’ve always had a passion for Fashion which really revealed itself  back in High School. I guess you could say that’s where I began to “ make a name for  myself “lol. My grandmother was a seamstress and that’s when my creative life of All Things  Design was awakened. Living with her was like having my very own in house Martha  Stuart. I learned about all things domestic; textiles, and the design process first hand. In my late twenties I honestly thought I’d be the next Tory Burch, and launch an  amazing clothing line. So I started LaPierce Design which was a combination of fashion  and interior design. “Ensuring that people look and live Beautifully” . Overtime I learned that a large price tag came with the fashion manufacturing dream. So after dabbling with fashion design, personal styling and working many years in the  Fashion Retail Industry I realized I wanted to step out and focus on Interior Design. In  2009 I became a full time entrepreneur. Although the marathon of “Looking and Living Beautifully” with LaShonda Pierce is not  easy, it certainly continues… I can proudly say I walk in my purpose daily as an  Advocate of Positivity, wearing the title of Motivational Author, A Multifaced Designer  of Fashion, Floral, and Interior Design. That’s why even on my lowest days I’m forever  grateful to do ALL the things God has called me to do. 

Dear Readers is allllll about Inspirational books, especially books that are written by  women that have an empowering message for other women. What inspired you to  write your powerful book, “Positive, Passionate, Purposeful”? 

I wrote Positive Passionate Purposeful because it came natural to me. I despise any  form of negativity ! its no secret that I’ve had my fair share of adversities yet have  always managed to keep going with a smile. I genuinely want to encourage people to  be more positive in spite of whatever life throws their way. I want to inspire people to  ignite their personal passions to live more purposefully.

While encouraging women and the youth is at the forefront of your mission and  purpose with the platform that you’ve created called, I.C.O.N Women’s Organization,  how do you keep yourself encouraged? 

You know people tend to think that because you’re a positive person that you don’t have your fair share of pain and suffering…. Boy is that not true! I have to practice  what I preach MANY DAYS! I encourage people to get out of darkness by turning the  lights on in their lives. Depression and anxiety will bury us if we allow it to. So we  need to lift ourselves up when we are down. Prayer definitely helps me. Slowing  down, taking deep breaths and being present is another. I also read affirmations and  The Confident Woman daily devotional by Joyce Meyers. Lastly, lipstick and trap music  keeps me going! 

Being the owner of multiple businesses, what piece of advice would you give to other  entrepreneurs who are just beginning? 

Just do it! Be authentic and Never compare yourself. Learn along the way. If its truly your gift and passion the universe will make room for  you! 

More and more women have become CEOs as well as many other titles when wearing  multiple hats as a businesswoman and burnout can be a result of this and can be  extremely real at times. What do you do when or if you have ever felt like you’ve had  a season of being exhausted or burnt out while trying to accomplish the goals that you  have for yourself? 

I definitely can relate to exhaustion and burn out! Our careers our like relationships… sometimes we need a break, or a moment to re-light the fire and reinvent ourselves. I don’t try to kill myself to prove that I’m a boss, I’m not apart of the no days off  movement. I include selfcare to my calendar. As a creative I need good vibes and  inspiration so I make time to surround myself with beautiful people, things, spaces  and places I admire and love, which helps keep me motivated. 

You are definitely a Hustler with a Purpose and Dear Readers is very big on  encouraging others to tap into their God-given purpose. Why do you think it is  important to focus on tapping into your purpose and what do feel that you’ve gained  once you took a leap of faith and began to walk in your purpose? 

Thank you so much. I think we owe it to God to use our gifts and talents. That’s what the Passion chapter  of my book is about. I encourage people to identify their strengths, talents and  passions. When those things are identified it helps you find your “life lane “ to DO and  focus on YOU. I gain peace in doing the things I love. I know I’m walking in my purpose because they  are effortless and not forced. Its confirmation that I’m doing what God created me to do. 

What is your Inspirational message that you would like to leave with our readers as  well as the creatives out there like yourself, that may need some motivation to help  them to continue to be their best and do their best while being on their journey of  pursuing their purpose? 

I want to encourage everyone to be gentle with themselves and others. Be Positive in  spite of, Be kind, Be Authentic and Be a Reflection of Love and Light along the way.

Be sure to follow LaShonda Pierce on Instagram @fiercelapierce and also pick up her powerful book “Positive Passionate Purposeful” by clicking here.

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