hustler with a purpose – maggie noel

hustler with a purpose – maggie noel

Maggie Noel is the CEO of MPressive Faces, a Permanent Makeup and Training Center that happens to be the biggest Permanent Makeup Company in the Southern Region of the U.S. Not only is Maggie the owner of her own company, but she was also a professional golfer and voted as one of the Best Young Golf Instructors in the Country by Golf Digest. Although these are excellent accomplishments, it took some detours that led to opened doors and opportunities that Maggie made sure she took advantage of by having a fearless mindset, knowing that the only way to move forward is by not overthinking but by taking action and not being afraid of failure. Maggie definitely knows what it means to whole-heartedly go after your goals and dreams! Read more of Maggie’s story below.

You were a Pro Golfer and voted as one of The Best Young Golf Instructors in the Country by Golf Digest. When did you realize that you had a passion to not only play golf but to want to become a Pro Golfer?

I knew I wanted to be a Pro Golfer since I was a young girl. I was very aware of the talent I had. If it wasn’t made known from my dad who was my ultimate practice Coach, It was made known from others. I realized that the help my family received in order for me to play this sport was because they saw something in me and what they saw was a young girl who was destined to play behind the ropes.

You are also not only the CEO but an instructor for your Permanent Makeup & Training Center, MPressive Faces. What made you want to transition into the Beauty Industry?

I always said Permanent Makeup fell into my lap. However, even though golf was my life, and in fact I was still teaching golf when I started doing permanent makeup, I always had an interest in beauty. Whether it was makeup or just beauty enhancements, I was ultimately a girly girl. So the interest came naturally. I learned about 3D Microblading from a client of mine and instantly gained interest into getting the procedure done for myself. After I saw the difference it made for me, it sparked some interest into learning how to actually do it. What started off as something I initially only saw doing for my friends and family as a mere hobby has now turned into MPressive Faces being one of the, if not the, biggest Permanent Makeup companies in the Southern Region. We are internationally known as we have had not just clients but also students from around the World.

Having experience as an entrepreneur and as an instructor, which one do you prefer and how do you balance doing both successfully?

In my case, they both go hand in hand. I will say, though, that I got into training because I’m naturally a teacher. I really enjoy teaching anything whether it’s a golf swing or how to microblade and I think that’s what is important in anything you do, and that’s to ENJOY IT!

What is one piece of information that you would give to new entrepreneurs that you wish you had when you first started out?

One thing that I can encourage is when you feel that little burst of excitement from an idea, ACT ON IT and don’t be afraid of the “What Ifs”. This is actually something I have always had when I ever had an idea. I have never been afraid of the thought of failure. I’ve always had the mindset that if I put my name on it, it will turn into gold. HAVE THAT MENTALITY!

When working hard to accomplish the goals that you have set out for yourself, how important has it been to be surrounded by the right people and to have the right team?

Oh wow! This is really a good one. Our team makes up MPressive Faces and there would be no MPressive Faces without our team. It’s extremely important. I have all of our Artists grow from being those timid students in our class trying something “new” to being some of the best Permanent Makeup Artists out there.

With all that you have accomplished thus far, when did you realize that you were walking in your God-given purpose?

I knew I was fulfilling my purpose when an old classmate sent me a Facebook message after I announced what I was doing and said, “I remember when you used to tweeze my eyebrows in high school for $5.” It was that moment when I realized life had gone full circle and this is what I was destined to do.

What are a couple of things that are a must for you to do on a daily or a weekly basis in order to stay motivated and encouraged so that you keep going and keep pushing yourself as a Businesswoman that wears multiple hats?

To be honest, a weekly mani and pedi. I know it sounds absurd but it’s my vice. I work hard, and I use my hands and I am on my feet all day, every day. So they need pampering. This is what I tell myself in my head, anyway.

As one of Dear Reader’s Hustlers With A Purpose, what is your Inspirational message that you would like to leave with our readers to help them to continue to be their best and do their best while being on their journey of pursuing their purpose?

Whatever thought you had in your mind as your ultimate goal in life, don’t be stuck on it. Don’t take your detours as failures. I find those roadblocks and detours to be the divine navigator to my ultimate purpose in life. I thought I wanted to be a Professional Golfer for the rest of my life. I endured a set back that would not allow me to be that person, but that set back was also a set up for this divine purposeful life that I am living today and I would not change a thing about it!

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