The best version of you!!!

The best version of you!!!

What Does The Best Version of You Look Like?!?!

Have you ever sat down and thought if you were on the right path to becoming the person that you want to be or even the person that you feel God created you to be? Of course, we are all a work in progress but sometimes it’s necessary to stop, sit and ask yourself if you’re becoming the best version of you or are you just in this mundane routine of your everyday life without taking into consideration that you are here for a reason and a purpose. Once you begin to think that you are here for more than just an average way of living, your thoughts and your actions begin to line up with who God says you are and what he’s created you to do!

It is so important to know that you are worthy, valuable and more than enough to receive everything that God has for you and to be all that he has created you to be. In order to do what God has created to do, knowing your worth is what will need to be kept in mind so that you can keep moving forward even when it gets hard.

The journey of becoming the best version of yourself can be scary at times because you have to be willing to get out your comfort zone in order to grow. It is a must to embrace the fear and do it anyway. Even when the thought of failing is causing the most scariest thoughts, take action and be willing to fail. Failures help you to gain wisdom, knowledge and experience for future endeavors. Nothing is working against you. Everything is working for you and if you haven’t noticed yet, you will begin to see that setbacks are really setups!

Sometimes when you experience setbacks or feel as if you’re failing, it is important to surround yourself around people who see the best in you and want the best for you. These are the people who will help you to keep moving forward even when you don’t want to or feel like it. They will hold you accountable but in a good and a positive way.

Other key components that can always be helpful with your mental and emotional space as well as any other areas in your life can be therapy, meditation or even reading a great book. We can go on and on about how inspirational, motivational, encouraging and empowering books are but we won’t (Not for now at least). Just know that you can never go wrong with feeding yourself the knowledge and wisdom that can be taken from books alone.

Believing wholeheartedly that God only wants the best for you will require faith and manifestation. When things don’t currently look like what you have envisioned for yourself, affirmations and manifestations are a must. Positive words and thoughts are key.

It is important to not only know that God wants the best for you but you must want the best for yourself. I encourage you to take some time out this week to stop, sit and think about the person you want to be and I hope it aligns with who God says you are and all that he has created you to be. The best version of yourself is waiting for you so that you can go out and do what God has created you to do because at the end of the day, that’s what we are here on Earth for!

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