You will never influence the world by being just like it

You will never influence the world by being just like it

The world needs your authenticity!! You were made specifically to be exactly who you are. You were placed here for a specific purpose and that purpose ties into exactly who God has created you to be. There has been quite a few times that I have caught myself getting mentally tied up into what others may think of me or what others expect from me or even think that I should be doing with my own life but that is NOT IT!!!!!!!!!!! How are we going to be able to do what God has created us to do and be who God has created us to be if we keep paying attention to the “Noise” of the world? Again, we have been placed on this earth for a specific reason and that all ties into you being your best and doing your best so that you can be an inspiration and be of service to others. When people see that you are working towards being your genuine and authentic self, believe it or not, it encourages them to do the same.

I believe individuality is key and it is needed in order for you to find and tap into your purpose, in order for you to find out what your true talents and gifts are and in order for you to be your happiest. If we’re busy trying to be like the rest of the world and constantly looking over our shoulder to see what everyone else is doing, it’s going to eventually lead to a stressful, insecure, and competitive lifestyle.

I cannot begin to tell you the excitement that I get when I see someone consistently doing what they know has been placed within them by moving in boldness and almost somewhat as a rebellion against the way of the world because of how they have chosen to listen to what God has told them about themselves instead of what social media or the world is trying to tell them about themselves.

When you are your truest self, there is no need to worry about what everyone else is doing because you know that what God has for you is FOR YOU and no one and nothing will be able to take it away.

No one is perfect but it is important for us to continuously do our best each day to seek what we are in need of in order to become our most authentic selves and trust me YOU BEING YOU is and  always will be MORE THAN ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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